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Premiere of A Priority Place documentary is sold out

Priority Places in Canada

Premiere of A Priority Place documentary is sold out

I’m so humbled and grateful that the premiere gala event of my new 70-minute documentary A Priority Place documentary is sold out.

The premiere is being held at the Capitol 33 Theatre in Delhi, Ontario on Nov. 10, 2023. Proceeds support the Student Education and Outreach Programs of the Long Point Biosphere Region.

This is my first feature length documentary and it feels like such an incredible moment in my 10 plus years of conservation video work.

A Priority Place documentaryBack in 2022 I was hired by the biosphere region to film and produce a video about conservation efforts in the newly announced Priority Place called the Long Point Walsingham Forest (LPWF). Filming spanned almost eight months and involved shoots at all hours of the day to capture biologists and research technicians at work.

A significant portion of the biosphere region, located in Norfolk County on the north shore of Lake Erie, has been chosen as a Priority Place for conservation by the federal government. It is one of 11 Priority Places identified in Canada and the only one so far identified in Ontario.

The Long Point Walsingham Forest (LPWF) Priority Place was selected by Environment and Climate Change Canada because of its high biodiversity, large number of species at risk, highly-engaged local conservation community and significant environmental pressures. Federal and provincial governments are working with local conservation partners and stakeholders to develop and implement a Conservation Action Plan.

The video project was funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The vision for the LPWF Priority Place is to create healthy, resilient, and connected ecosystems that support biodiversity, productive landscapes, and a thriving community.

Several dignitaries will be speaking at the premiere, and I’ll be introducing the documentary and giving a brief talk.


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