WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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WorkCabin Filmmaker Gregg McLachlan | 10+ years filming and producing cinematic conservation stories in Canada


The power of cinematography

This is a signature conservation filmmaking and cinematography service. Want to gain a higher profile, attract funders, showcase major work or programs, create a powerful impact on audiences or change minds, or even enter a major film festival or use a signature film as a fundraising tool? A signature narrative documentary will make you stand out from the crowd. One documentary project shot by WorkCabin Creative has already surpassed $10,000 raised for an environmental nonprofit.

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Short form
environmental videos

Because it's not always about long videos

Sometimes you just want a professional one-minute of three-minute environmental video for use primarily on YouTube, social media, or embedded on your website home page. Maybe it’s a video about a volunteer or program participant, a cause, fundraising event, or the acquisition of lands for conservation. WorkCabin Creative films has a long history of meeting the needs of conservation organizations for shorter videos too.

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Visual storytelling
nature videos

Narrative storytelling

WorkCabin Creative is rooted in a powerful combination of deep experience: Award-winning journalism, and conservation storytelling. Together, it makes WorkCabin Creative a compelling choice when hiring an environmental visual storyteller to film and produce your next project. When you tell conservation stories you spark a connection. Stories make us human. It is through narrative storytelling that we learn lessons and shift perspectives. Stories help humans learn what is right and what is wrong. Stories about conservation can change minds

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Wildlife research,
species at risk

Boots-on-the-ground with you

Wildlife research videos are a speciality of WorkCabin Creative. From tracking of tagged animals in rugged landscapes, to midnight netting of bats, to bird migration research, WorkCabin Creative has 10+ years experience filming in the field working in a variety of landscapes, including living off the grid to film a documentary on a remote sandspit in Lake Erie.

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Aerial drone

Telling stories from the air

WorkCabin Creative also specializes in aerial filmmaking and photography for conservation. From flying over great lakes, wilderness, vast marshlands, and challenging forest filming, WorkCabin Creative is licensed by Transport Canada and fully insured to perform commercial drone videography and aerial photography

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Photography for

Showing the human side of your organization

Photography has changed dramatically in recent years. Wildlife photography is everywhere today on social media. What hasn’t changed is the demand for photojournalism-style photography. WorkCabin Creative puts an emphasis on capturing the human element of conservation work. This kind of behind-the-scenes photography helps bring your organization closer to your target audience by showing the work you do.

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Conservation video

Efficient content creation

A growing trend today is conservation organizations leveraging video assignments for the creation of multiple pieces of content. Perhaps you want a couple of reels? Maybe a two-minute video? And some photographs too? WorkCabin Creative can create a custom conservation content package that will help keep your social media channels full of content. Going the content package route is also efficient because we’re already on site for work and can multi-task to meet your content needs.

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Broll video

Perfect solution for internal media libraries

Stop scrolling through your smartphone looking for that one clip you once took at one of your nature reserves. Your organization needs to start its own internal quality media library. Or maybe your organization already has a media library for easy access to archival content. WorkCabin Creative can help you build that library with high quality footage. Imagine having a database of 10-second clips of your reserves, research, restoration work, etc., always at your fingertips to retrieve and use for events, social media, presentations, and more.

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Small to large video projects

WorkCabin Creative has filmed and produced environmental nonprofit videos for use in multi-million funding pitches in boardrooms, to videos about a $50 million biogas infrastructure project. WorkCabin Creative is trusted and experienced to tackle such environmental assignments large or small, and follow brand guidelines.

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Professional video

Complete in-house start to finish service

From filming work in the field, to post-production work in the studio, WorkCabin Creative is a complete start-to-finish conservation video and filmmaking service. That means no outsourcing of your work or freelancers. That also means an advantage for WorkCabin Creative being cost efficient. Post-production and audio polishing is all done using the very best colour grading and production tools.

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