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Does Storytelling For Conservation Really Make a Difference?

Why conservation storytelling is part of building a bridge between nature and people

Does Storytelling For Conservation Really Make a Difference?

Do we really need stories for conservation? Does storytelling really move the needle in getting people to care more about nature?

Yes! Of course stories matter.

Conservation storytelling serves as a vital conduit between nature and people, bridging the gap by fostering understanding, empathy, and action. More effective communication using storytelling plays a pivotal role in inspiring conservation efforts.

We need storytelling to help people get transported beyond mere facts and figures into the heart of nature’s beauty and significance. These stories evoke empathy, stirring a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the planet.

Moreover, conservation storytelling transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, reaching diverse audiences worldwide. Whether through books, films, photography, or social media, narratives have the capacity to engage people across ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. By highlighting the universal values inherent in conservation, such as the importance of biodiversity and the interdependence of all life forms, storytelling fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the preservation of our planet. Storytelling helps people see themselves as part of the solution.

Here’s a short cut of a storytelling video that I filmed and produced for ALUS Canada.

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