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How to make people care more about saving the natural world

make people care about the natural world

How to make people care more about saving the natural world

Making people care. That’s a common phrase I hear over and over again when I embark on the process of filming and producing a film or video for conservation organizations.

Organizations often seek to create change and change minds through their storytelling.

But how do you get people to care more about saving the natural world?

Picture a world without the awe-inspiring beauty of colorful coral reefs, the majestic strength of towering rainforests, or polar bears. It doesn’t sound like a world we’d want to call home, does it?

The key to sparking change lies in the power of connection. By helping people truly connect with nature, we can awaken a deep-seated passion within them for safeguarding our natural wonders.

Here are some quick tips to help you:


Encourage your friends, family, and community to immerse themselves in nature. Take them on hikes through lush forests, introduce them to local wildlife rehabilitation centers, or organize beach cleanups. Through these immersive experiences, we can foster a sense of wonder, appreciation, and connection that will make caring inevitable.


Another potent way to stir emotions is by sharing impactful stories. Use the power of social media to spread stories about conservation successes, heartbreaking struggles, and the resilience of nature. Powerful narratives have the ability to touch hearts and minds while creating a ripple effect of empathy and action.


Knowledge is power. The more we know about the natural world, the more we can appreciate and preserve it.


Spice up your conversations with intriguing facts and trivia about the natural world. Did you know that a single beaver can alter an entire ecosystem with its ingenious dam-building skills? Imparting these fascinating tidbits gets people excited, piquing their curiosity, and drawing them into the enchanting world of conservation.


Empower people by showcasing how their individual actions can make a substantial impact. Illustrate how simple lifestyle changes such as reducing plastic use, choosing eco-friendly products, or supporting sustainable initiatives can collectively transform our planet. When people recognize their potential for change, they become eager to take action.

By fostering connection, sharing powerful stories, and enhancing education, we can make saving the natural world an irresistible cause for everyone. Remember, together we have the power to preserve our breathtaking planet for generations to come.

Gregg McLachlan
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