WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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The Process

Trust experience to deliver a proven process for success
Ask Gregg about your next conservation video project
Easy. Simplified Project Flow.
Gregg makes the experience of working in the field an enjoyable one
10+ years of experience has helped Gregg develop a work flow that works. It's not filled with boardroom meetings or cardboard storyboards. His process is down-to-earth, organic and collaborative. It also includes a professional online reviewing room for your video project

We call this the Coffee Chat, but really, it can be tea, or more commonly held over the phone, or virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. This is where you and Gregg discuss your story idea, themes, and outcomes. There's no pressure. It's a casual conversation and exchange of ideas.

Filming Day(s)

If you've moved from a chat to approving a formal project quote, the next step is scheduling filming days, best location(s), and the hours needed. We'll also talk about how early in the day we'll start (Note: Coffee sometimes required!). Our schedule tends to fill up fast in spring, summer and autumn.


This is where Gregg shapes your story in the editing room. He'll produce a first draft, with music, text elements, logos, etc. You’ll see this first cut in your own password-protected online screening room that features online collaboration. Invite your team. You'll have two rounds of revisions as Gregg fine tunes your video.

Final Production

Once you approve your draft and your video project timeline is locked down, Gregg heads into final production. This is where he does audio equalization work, and filmic colour grading which is a fancy word for balancing colours. These are both intensive steps and enhance the cinematic quality of your video.

File delivery

It's finally here! This is when we upload the final file version of your video. It gets uploaded to your private password-protected screen room. You'll be able to download the file directly from your screening room. And then you're ready to post it and spread your story!

Every project has its own online screening room for feedback and file downloading

The process starts with a chat. Yes, it’s free 🙂