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Website How-To Tutorial Video for New Wildlife Research Tool in Canada

NatureCounts website tutorial

Website How-To Tutorial Video for New Wildlife Research Tool in Canada

WorkCabin Creative’s newest conservation video production work is a website how-to tutorial for NatureCounts, an interactive data portal by Birds Canada. NatureCounts allows people interested in birds, whether for conservation, research or their personal enjoyment, to interact with one of the largest datasets on birds anywhere in the world.

This project began with simple website screengrabs and a narration track. From there, I took the raw content and produced a flowing visual step-by-step journey through the website, how to use it, how to access data, etc. To make the tutorial user-friendly, special features are highlighted and magnified so that users can easily see important clickable data tools.

More information via Birds Canada:

NatureCounts is bringing together observation data on birds and other biodiversity including data from:

  • bird-monitoring
  • bird-banding
  • broad-scale citizen-based bird-surveillance programs.

NatureCounts is a portal of the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN). While the focus of NatureCounts is primarily on Canadian birds, you will also find other data from projects coordinated by Birds Canada and its partners, including data on other taxonomic groups (e.g. the Trinational Monarch Knowledge Network portal), and some ranging to other regions (mainly within North America). Some of the same data are available through other AKN nodes, but others are only available from this site. You can access a complete list of all datasets available for download from NatureCounts here, and you can use our data request page to submit a request. You can also consult a list of other AKN partners where you can access additional data.

One of the core strengths of NatureCounts is an extensive database that combines data from hundreds of different sources, all using a common standard defined by the Avian Knowledge Network, called the Bird Monitoring Data Exchange (BMDE). This format makes it easy to combine datasets and removes some of the usual barriers related to accessibility and formats, rapid discovery, access, and analysis of these vast resources.

The goals of NatureCounts and the Avian Knowledge Network are to:

  • educate the public on the dynamics of bird populations
  • provide interactive decision-making tools for land managers
  • make available a data resource for scientific research
  • advance new exploratory analysis techniques to study bird populations.

NatureCounts is a node of the Avian Knowledge Network, and aims to provide access to bird monitoring data and facilate the understanding of the patterns and dynamics of bird populations across the Western Hemisphere.


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