WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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Driven By Visual Storytelling. Crafted With Imagination.

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Nature Documentaries

This is a signature narrative service. Want to gain a higher profile, attract funders, showcase major work or programs, create a powerful impact on audiences or change minds, or even enter a major film festival? A signature narrative documentary will make you stand out from the crowd

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Research Videos

WorkCabin Creative films and produces videos about wildlife research, tagged wildlife tracking research, ecosystem studies, landscape research, water quality research in Great Lakes and creeks, invasive species research and removal, roadkill mitigation research, and more

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Social Media Videos

Sometimes you just want a professional one-minute of three-minute environmental video for use primarily on YouTube, social media, or embedded on your website home page.

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Storytelling Videos

When you tell conservation stories you spark a connection. Stories make us human. It is through storytelling that we learn lessons and shift perspectives. Stories help humans learn what is right and what is wrong. Stories about conservation can change minds

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Video Packages

Need reels, broll packs, photos, and a video? Just ask. WorkCabin Creative will design a custom package that covers a variety of needs and gets you the content you want.

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Photojournalism style photography that captures the human element of conservation work is one of WorkCabin Creative's specialities.

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Drone Filming

From flying over great lakes, wilderness, vast marshlands, and challenging forest filming, WorkCabin Creative is licensed by Transport Canada and fully insured to perform commercial drone videography and aerial photography

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Wildlife Research

Wildlife research videos are a speciality of WorkCabin Creative. From tag tracking of animals in rugged landscapes, to midnight netting of bats, to bird migration research, WorkCabin Creative has 10+ years experience filming in the field

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Corporate Videos

WorkCabin Creative has filmed and produced environmental videos for use in multi-million funding pitches in boardrooms, to videos about a $50 million biogas infrastructure project. WorkCabin Creative is trusted and experienced to tackle such environmental assignments

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