WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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WorkCabin Creative filmmaker Gregg McLachlan some of your answers common questions

Frequently asked questions.
Do you film weddings, real estate?

No. WorkCabin Creative is 100% dedicated to conservation filmmaking.

Where are you located? Do you travel?

WorkCabin Creative is based in a 30-acre pine forest in southern Ontario. My client list is localized, provincial, and nationwide. If you are located outside Ontario, please contact me for availability and scheduling

What is your production process?

After filming work is completed, the length of post-production work can vary with each project. For short projects it typically takes about 4-6 weeks to produce depending on the season. On the flipside, post-production on a one-hour documentary can take six to 12 months to complete. Need a faster turnaround? Just ask.

Are you a licensed drone pilot?

Yes, I have attended and passed drone fight school, I am licensed by Transport Canada under Canada’s drone regulations, and I am fully insured for commercial drone work

How much does a video cost?

Every project is unique. That’s not a deliberately vague answer. It’s the truth. Once I know the scope of what you need, I can determine how much time is necessary to film all the required scenes, whether multiple filming days are necessary, travel, how much editing and post-production will be required.

How do we decide on a theme?

Make sure you check out my Wild Blog. I’ve got lots of posts specifically about these kinds of video topics that you will find helpful.

Do you work remotely?

I’m very flexible during the pre-planning phase and post-production process. Many clients work remotely with me through phone, emails, and through my online password-protected screening room which is a professional feedback, approval and file download system, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, etc. Let me know what works for you

Can you film a documentary?

Yes, I also film and produce conservation documentaries. The first step is chatting to learn more about your project, its scope, etc. I recommend contacting me asap because documentary projects require extra planning and scheduling.

Do we need a script?

That depends. Scripts are often more common in corporate and governmental videos. That’s because the communications hierarchy for approvals is deep and brand messaging is tightly controlled. On the flipside, things are usually different for smaller organizations. Ultimately, a lot depends on the type of ‘feel’ you want for your story and how you want the story to resonate with your target audience. I’d recommend reading my Wild Blog post titled Why Scripts Can Hurt Your Video.

How do we view our project?

I use my own custom password-protected private client review portal. Once I upload a draft, you will receive a password-protected link where you can login and watch your video. My professional client portal includes the ability for you to easily provide feedback based on exact timestamps, approve a project, and even download your video after you approve it.

We only have $50

Sorry, I can’t. Getting a professional video or film is an investment for every organization. My goal is to craft such films and videos that give your organization a return on that investment. My investment in helping you is 10+ years of professional experience and lots and lots of money invested in training, licences, operations and equipment to film and produce the level of videos that I do for conservation.

Do you personally do the work?

I personally film your video and edit and produce your video. I am 100% invested in your project from beginning to end. I love that personal closeness with my customers. My clients do too.

Do you include music for our video?

Yes. Of course, I’ll also chat with you to get a sense of the vibe you desire. This helps me select a music track that best fits your brand. I have a commercial subscription to a vast database of commercially licensed music tracks. This gives you peace of mind that you have legal music in your videos.

Do you freak out about ticks?

No. Firstly, I come to work prepared to work safely in the field, in any terrain, weather, or insect conditions. I’ve pulled many, many ticks off my pant legs over the years. All in a days work.