WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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Why WorkCabin Creative?

We believe in what we do. Every day. Conservation filmmaking is our entire focus.
10 Reasons to Choose Conservation Filmmaker Gregg McLachlan
True interest in the stories I film and produce every day.
10+ years experience

From short videos for small nonprofits, to a larger scale environmental corporate video about a $50 million renewable energy infrustructure project, and full-length conservation documentaries, Gregg has worked with local, national and provincial conservation organizations large and small to communicate critical conservation messages to audiences across Canada. His rates are affordable and he works with you to make your story happen. It’s no small challenge to hike through a 900-acre forest, boat across the rough waters of a Great Lake, or live off the grid in a cabin in a remote place to create videos for environmental organizations. The experience and outdoors skillset has been hard won. Many mistakes, issues, unforeseen obstacles, and lessons learned along the way. When Gregg says he knows the terrain of what he does, he really does mean it.

Driven by the same interests as you

Gregg’s roots in nature are deep.

He grew up in southern Ontario and Muskoka. His greatest love growing up was looking at topographic maps and aerial photos, picking out an interesting spot on the map that deep in the woods, and setting out on an adventure to find it. It’s in these wild places where Gregg’s love of storytelling first took root. Oh, the stories he could tell upon his return home for supper.

Gregg’s career goal was to be a Wildlife Technician. His path ended up becoming a journalist and eventually a full-time conservation filmmaker. WorkCabin Creative is a full-time professional videography business with 10+ years of experience doing storytelling for conservation. Being full-time means Gregg is 100% invested in what he does. It also means he is driven by a genuine interest in conservation, just like you.


Gregg will erase the myth that getting a high-quality professional video, short-form video, aerial video, or conservation documentary is beyond your organization’s reach. His end-to-end pre-production, filming and post-production services are all done inhouse. That means WorkCabin Creative keeps the entire process affordable for conservation nonprofits and environmental organizations. What’s more, he understands the nature and challenges of filmmaking in the field and has the filmmaking equipment designed specifically for these purposes.

Stunning cinematic visuals

Stunning cinematic visuals make your videos stand out. Beautiful visuals are at the heart of what WorkCabin Creative does. We’re driven by the undeniable power of visual content and how it’s easier for audiences to digest, connect to on an emotional level, and create a lasting impression.

Your plate is already full

Can you relate to any of the below:

  • Do you need a video for the first time and don’t know where to begin or what a realistic video budget looks like?
  • Have you spoken to several video companies and now you’re even more confused than when you started (if they even replied to your inquiries!)?
  • Did a past video project blow your marketing budget or grant money, yet still not deliver the high-quality video that you paid for?
  • Have you had a bad experience where a videographer didn’t stick to the brief or come close to capturing what your organization does?
  • In a past video project were organization-critical or grant-critical deadlines missed due to post-production errors that took weeks to fix and wasted your precious time?

If you answered yes to any of the above, these are the exact problems that WorkCabin Creative can help solve, and why our conservation nonprofits and environmental organizations choose us.

Gregg’s goal is to make your organization look good. From the moment you choose WorkCabin Creative, we feel confident (based on testimonials and feedback) that you’ll experience that ‘sigh of relief’ you’ve made the right choice choosing a conservation videographer for your environmental video project.

We know your subject matter

It’s not just what happens when Gregg is holding a camera during work. It’s also what happens when he’s not. In the field, he speaks the same language as his conservation customers. He intimately knows and understands your environmental audiences. And he knows the subject matter. When folks talk about the value of being authentically connected to what you do, Gregg is authentic and genuine.

Authenticity. Always.

Authenticity is huge when it comes to storytelling. Today, audiences are very savvy. They can immediately tell when something is not genuine. And when they do, they stop watching. WorkCabin Creative puts authenticity first for a reason: So that your environmental and conservation stories will ring true with your audiences.

You'll enjoy the process!

Being filmed can be intimidating for some people. No matter where you are on the path, Gregg makes the process fun. He can make you laugh. He puts you at ease. And he helps you. He might even get you to hold a light diffuser disk or boom pole. Gregg knows that making people feel like they’re part of the process makes it an enjoyable experience. And hey, it makes for some fun behind-the-scenes content for your social media channels!

Personal commitment

You get Gregg’s personal passion, all in on your project. As well as his full creative efforts when he gets back to the office to do post-production. He only takes on projects that align with his core values. Because of this it allows him to bring something intangible to the project: A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make each project the greatest success it can be.

Working with Gregg means there’s a true sense of partnership in the process from pre-planning to post-production. Most importantly, there’s a feeling of pride in the outcome for both of us.

Ticks. Ticks. Ticks.

Gregg gets it. There are bugs in the outdoors. Biting bugs. Sometimes lots of them. But he knows that’s part of the work and the show must go on. During one photographic assignment for a national conservation organization, he knocked about 30 black-legged deer ticks off his hiking pants in a single afternoon. No worries, he knew the habitat for the assignment and dressed appropriately ready to do battle with ticks.

We call this knowing the realities of filmmaking in wild landscapes. Our clients call it hiring the right videographer for the work.

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