WorkCabin Creative specializes in a niche it knows well. Very well. Nature and conservation full-time filmmaking is what we do. We don't do weddings. We don't do real estate. And we're not video generalists. That's jargon for those videographers who literally make videos about anything and anyone who comes calling. WorkCabin Creative is about more. It's about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and knowing the language of what we do for, and with our conservation clients. Our difference is why leading conservation organizations choose u
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The Difference

Why WorkCabin Creative for your conservation videos?
Cinema grade storytelling. For nature
Recognised expertise in storytelling
Gregg is a full-time conservation videographer with deep roots in storytelling.
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Founded in 2010 by award-winning journalist and conservationist Gregg McLachlan, WorkCabin Creative’s mission is to support conservation through cinematic and impactful video production. WorkCabin Creative works with organizations large and small to communicate critical conservation messages to audiences locally, provincewide, and across Canada. It’s no small challenge to hike through a 900-acre forest, boat across the rough waters of a Great Lake, or live off the grid in a cabin in a remote place to create videos for environmental organizations. The experience and outdoors skillset has been hard won. Many mistakes, issues, unforeseen obstacles, and lessons learned along the way. When we say we know the terrain of what we do, we really do mean it.


WorkCabin Creative is not in competition with the people running around with video cameras in hand on a part-time basis offering to make a video for you for $50. WorkCabin Creative is a full-time professional videography business with 10+ years of experience doing storytelling for conservation. We have bills to pay, overhead, and lots and lots of money invested in operations and equipment.

Conservation budgets

Gregg will blow up the myth that getting a professional video is beyond your organization’s reach. His end-to-end pre-production, filming and post-production services means WorkCabin Creative keeps the entire process all in-house and very affordable. Ten years of working for conservation means Gregg works with clients to find ways forward and meet budgets big and small.

Eat. Sleep. Outdoors.

To be connected to the outdoors and nature, and make a living telling stories about the outdoors and nature, you need to know the outdoors and nature. Bam! Gregg has got that covered! His boots are on the ground in nature every day. (Psst! See Ticks Ticks Ticks below)


The beauty of nature is in everything Gregg makes. He knows your audience. He understands your goals. He speaks the same conservation language and has shared values. Clients that hire Gregg say that matters.

Subject matter

It’s not just what happens when Gregg is holding a camera during work. It’s also what happens when he’s not. In the field, he speaks the same language as his conservation customers. He intimately knows and understands your environmental audiences. And he knows the subject matter. When folks talk about the value of being authentically connected to what you do, Gregg is authentic and genuine.

No outsourcing

WorkCabin Creative takes pride in being an end-to-end service. That means Gregg personally shoots your video and edits and produces your video. It also means he is 100% invested in your project from beginning to end. Gregg loves that personal closeness with his customers. His clients do too.

No freelancers

WorkCabin Creative does not use freelance camera operators. He gets it. Some bigger agencies hire freelancers to keep up with the workload. But Gregg believes that can come with a drawback: More distance between your organization and conservation knowledge/connection with the freelancer. Being connected to what Gregg does is key to our ethics and entire process. That’s why you always work entirely with conservationist, founder and solo filmmaker Gregg McLachlan on every project.

Personal commitment

You get Gregg’s personal passion, all in on your project. As well as his full creative efforts when he gets back to the office to do post-production. He only takes on projects that align with his core values. Because of this it allows him to bring something intangible to the project: A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make each project the greatest success it can be.

Ticks. Ticks. Ticks.

Gregg gets it. There are bugs in the outdoors. Biting bugs. Sometimes lots of them. But he knows that’s part of the work and the show must go on. During one photographic assignment for a national conservation organization, he knocked about 30 black-legged deer ticks off his hiking pants in a single afternoon. No worries, he knew the habitat for the assignment and dressed appropriately ready to do battle with ticks.