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New video for Canada’s Schoolyard Bird Blitz

Learn about birds in Canada

New video for Canada’s Schoolyard Bird Blitz

WorkCabin Creative has finished production on a video filmed for Birds Canada that highlights the nationwide Schoolyard Bird Blitz program.

Which birds live in your schoolyard? Join students across Canada who are exploring their schoolyards, identifying and counting local birds, and sharing the results. The Schoolyard Bird Blitz is fun for all grades, and helps scientists monitor Canada’s birds.

The program has become a popular event at schools across Canada.

  • Choose any day in May to conduct your bird count, or participate several times throughout the month.
  • Observe birds for as little as 15 minutes, or all day.
  • Designate one student to record group observations on the Bird Tally form.
  • Travel around your schoolyard or neighbourhood as a large group, or separate into smaller groups. Try to reach all the different habitats that make up your schoolyard.
  • Identify and count all the birds you see at your schoolyard or surrounding neighbourhood. Try not to double-count moving birds!
  • Use the Bird Tally form to help keep track of your observations.

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