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It’s about having the right filmmaking gear, and knowing the terrain

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It’s about having the right filmmaking gear, and knowing the terrain

At the end of every year, and the start of a new year, I’m always investing and upgrading my video gear for work in conservation.

Why does that matter to you?

Here’s the thing about working in the outdoors and doing video work in the wild. I’m not a wedding videographer. Or corporate commercial videographer. It’s a whole different beast working in the outdoors in nature. It’s not just about knowing the terrain. It’s about packing and hauling the right gear for working in wild places. Or, as we say, understanding the realities of this kind of work. You’re not working in a reception hall or studio and can run outside to the car to grab something you forgot.

As a professional full-time conservation videographer and photographer, running and filming with a 40-pound backpack on my back is part of everyday work. Add in the insects and pulling ticks off pants legs, and, well, you get the picture.

For my videography gear, it’s all about professional stuff that’s rugged and capable of long days in the woods. When it comes to gear, inexpensive is not a word that’s often in our vocabulary.

New gear that has arrived here at WorkCabin Creative in the past two years includes tools for recording audio in high winds. A new shotgun microphone has also arrived with a two-step high-pass filter. That’s fancy talk for being able to cut out low end frequencies like rumbles and car sounds. I’ve also added a new carbon fibre monopod tripod for being even more lightweight, quick and nimble in the forest. Another exciting addition to the gear lineup is an ultra closeup lens for capturing more macro scenes, and a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera for documentary work. And finally, the in-house sound library here at WorkCabin Creative will be growing even faster thanks to new field recording equipment. It’s always super helpful when we can immediately assist our conservation clients by using authentic local nature sounds.

Everything we purchase is geared toward the specific work we do for conservation. So, yes, there really is a difference when you hire someone who specializes in a niche. They know the landscape. And they know what’s needed to get the job done. It pays to go with a specialist.

Ever asked a wedding videographer or corporate commercial videographer if they have hip waders and can wade through a marsh for two hours?

Gregg McLachlan
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