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Winter filming work in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Region

Nature filmmaker in Kingston Ontario

Winter filming work in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Region

Hiking into a remote, pristine snow-covered lake, and climbing rocky outcrops in a pine forest were all in a day’s work for my most recent filmmaking assignment for a conservation nonprofit.

Winter assignments are often a whole different experience and this assignment was no different. The temperature was -15C when I first put on my backpack filled with my filmmaking gear and entered one of the filming site at sunrise. By noon the temperature was a more comfortable -5C. Aside from filming in this beautiful location within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Region, it was exciting to find a trail of a bobcat tracks. Unfortunately it was just the cat’s big tracks but I’m sure the feline was fast asleep somewhere in the towering pines overhead.

Filming in the Frontenac Arch Kingston Ontario

The Frontenac Arch

This filmmaking assignment was multi-faceted and included both ground filming and aerial work. Thank goodness for the drone as hiking deeper into forests in winter can be difficult. But I wasn’t complaining. Scenery like this takes your breath away…. in a good way! I was able to get the required work finished at the first site, and travel to another site to hike into a remote lake for the rest of the assignment that I managed to wrap up by sunset. Timing was especially important because in 24 hours a winter storm was forecasted to hit the region.

All of this work will be part of a multi-video package for a conservation nonprofit.

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve is situated in southeastern Ontario at the intersection of terrestrial and riverine ecosystems. The area comprises islands and islets of the Saint Lawrence River, which function as important stepping stones for the migration of plants and animals. The Frontenac Arch is an important land bridge linking the habitats of the Algonquin and Adirondack Park regions.

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