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Vlogging for conservation in Canada

Conservation vloggers in Canada

Vlogging for conservation in Canada

Telling stories about conservation is close to my heart. Perhaps that’s because I live and work based in a 30-acre pine and hardwood forest everyday. But really, nature has been a part of my life since I was a child. As I become a teen, I’d rather be hiking in the woods than partying. I remember looking at topographic maps, pointing my finger at a spot that looked interesting, and taking off to see if I could find it. It never really mattered if I did or not. It was the experience and discovery that made it so exciting.

I found that same sense of discovery on a recent video and vlogging assignment to the tip of Long Point, Ontario. The tip is the end of a 35+ kilometre long sandspit jutting out into the middle of Lake Erie, is truly one of the last wild and remote places in southern Ontario. It is not a place where the general public is permitted. It is strictly protected for conservation. I travelled to the tip to do work for the Long Point Bird Observatory, the oldest bird observatory in the western hemisphere.

Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO) operates research, training, and education programs focused on ornithology, conservation, and other aspects of natural history. LPBO runs an active and diverse mix of collaborative research, professional training, and public education programs. Examples of key LPBO initiatives include the Migration Monitoring Program, the Tree Swallow Research Project.

Below is a short vlog I shot one day telling the story of what happened to the LPBO’s former banding lab at the tip station.

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