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Video work for an Ontario land trust

Ontario land trusts

Video work for an Ontario land trust

WorkCabin Creative is working with the Long Point Basin Land Trust to film and produce a new video series.

The multi-video series is now being filmed in a variety of landscapes, from tallgrass prairie grasslands to old growth forests.

“Land trusts play such an important role in conservation of lands in Ontario,” said environmental visual filmmaker Gregg McLachlan. “That role is so apparent in some of the locations where we are doing filming. In one of the locations, we are filming in one of the oldest recognized old growth forests in southern Ontario. Thankfully places like this and many many more will be forever protected because it’s in the caring hands of an Ontario land trust like the Long Point Basin Land Trust.”

Production on the series expected to start later this year.

Long Point Basin Land Trust (LPBLT) focuses its efforts on the Long Point Basin area and works with landowners and the local community to provide a helping hand to wild species and ecosystems in one of Ontario’s most naturally diverse regions.

Gregg McLachlan
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