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Video filmed for Champions Of The Flyway international conservation campaign

Save Africa's vulture in Kenya

Video filmed for Champions Of The Flyway international conservation campaign

I was honoured to step in front of the camera in March 2019 to deliver an urgent conservation message about the catastrophic decline of Africa’s vultures, in particular, in Kenya’s Rift Valley. The video, in support of Team Canucks and Champions Of The Flyway, an international birding race for conservation, urges the public to support the effort to help save Kenya’s vulture from the brink of extinction.

One of the biggest threats facing vultures in Kenya today is the deliberate poisoning of carcasses by poachers. One poisoned elephant carcass can kill up to 500 vultures. Poachers target vultures because the birds’ activity in the sky and on the ground help rangers and conservationists pinpoint where poachers are operating. A world with no vultures will also be a world with more life-threatening diseases for humans.

Vultures are now one of the most threatened bird species on the planet, yet their dire plight remains relatively unknown to most people. You can learn more about the dire plight of Africa’s vulture here > https://www.birdlife.org/african-vultures

Gregg McLachlan
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