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Video bumpers increase professional branding of your videos

Conservation video producer Ontario Canada

Video bumpers increase professional branding of your videos

There’s a simple way to make your in-house videos created by your own staff on smartphones look more professional.

Organizations that create a lot of smartphone videos, usually don’t have what we call bumpers to bookend such videos. Bumpers are what we call intros and extros. A professionally produced intro and extro is a high quality  way to add branding to your smartphone videos. You can keep the intro and extro clips stored on your phone, and then add them to each video you create with your smartphone.

Here’s a professional intro and extro produced by WorkCabin Creative for Kawartha Conservation. These bumpers will now be applied to videos that Kawartha Conservation shoots and creates with their smartphones.

For extra flexibility, these can be interchanged as intros or extros. And WorkCabin Creative can also easily update these in the future to meet Kawartha Conservation’s needs.

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