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Free Instagram Tools For Conservation Organizations

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Free Instagram Tools For Conservation Organizations

Hey, time is precious for all of us. Efficiency is a must.

These three Instagram tools won’t save your life in the great outdoors but they can help save you time on your smartphone or laptop. I know. I use them too!

Later (Android, iOS, Web)

Later for instagram

Later is a social media scheduling tool that is terrific for Instagram. I especially appreciate that it is also web-based. Sometimes I am at my desktop, not my phone, and this feature makes it super easy to grab photos on my PC desktop and schedule them. The FREE account limits a user to one profile per social platform, and to only 30 posts per month per social platform. But really, that is more than adequate for most small outdoors tourism operators in Canada. Later can be used for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You also get free access to Later’s Instagram Visual Planner which is a content calendar and previewer of how your Instagram feed will look. Another handy time-saving tool that is free is the Saved Caption feature. This allows you to save relevant hashtags into groups and avoid the time-gobbling hassle of having to type them out every time you make a new post.

Price: Free for one user and up to 30 Instagram posts per month. Paid plans after that.

Repost for Instagram (Android)

Repost for Instagram

When you get tagged in an awesome photo by a visitor who had an amazing experience on an outdoor adventure with you, you’d love to share it on your account. But it definitely can be frustrating figuring out how to repost — or share — a photo on Instagram. Of course, you can do it the time-consuming way of contacting the user and seeking permission to copy the image to your phone and reupload it. But once you get into the realm of downloading someone’s photo to your phone and then repurposing it commercially, you may get into choppy waters. I’m no lawyer. I’d rather be using my spare time to go paddling. So I prefer using Repost. It copies the link and the original caption. It also lets you reshare it via Instagram with the original creator’s account attribution watermarked into the photo. It’s almost like sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter. That’s the difference and why I like it. It’s a good solution until we all wait for Instagram to embed photo sharing into its app.

Price: Free

Photoshop Express (Android, iOS, Windows)

Best free instagram tools for tourism operators

Adobe does not make a lot of apps that are free, but Photoshop Express is one of them. Every photo usually needs some light editing. Even just a few tweaks of highlights and shadows can work wonders to improve a photo. With Photoshop Express you don’t have the usual extensive variety of photo editing tools as in Photoshop. However you do have enough tools that you won’t be overwhelmed and can edit a photo fast on either your Android smartphone, iPhone, or Windows desktop. Included filters and presets can really help speed up your workflow. What I really love about Photoshop Express is that Windows users can also grab it free from the Windows Store for use on their desktop PC. I use paid photo editing software for my commercial work, but there are times for my personal needs when Photoshop Express is so much quicker. I can open the Windows desktop app, adjust a photo with a few clicks and be done. Bam! Time saved! Photoshop Express is also great because it’s a real photo editor. It’s not another one of those so-called candy apps that is only focused on skewing colours and looks to only help you make your photo look like what is trendy right now.

Price: Free app on Android and iOS. Free desktop app for Windows users.

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