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Audiences don’t care that you were “born and raised here”

Born and raised here messaging

Audiences don’t care that you were “born and raised here”

Do you have a small business? Have you ever seen a business video focus on the theme that you should support that business because the owner(s) was born and raised in the community and/or the third or fifth or eighth generation of his/her family to live in the community? UGH! It’s such an alienating central theme for a business video.

Using the born and raised here theme is ignorant of the fact not all of your audience is “born and raised” in your community. And not everyone makes purchasing decisions based on that alone.

The overused and cliche “I was born and raised in the community” theme that so many businesses still like to emphasize is alienating to non-locals, recent newcomers and people who live in, and love, your community but weren’t born there. What’s worse, some new people to your community actually find it discriminating because it implies new entrepreneurs will have little chance of success if they choose to relocate to your community and invest to open a business.

Obviously, nobody is asking to see your birth certificate before they decide whether to shop at your business. But you can see how overuse of the born and raised here theme in any community can imply as much.

In most communities, consumers shop at certain businesses because of word of mouth about great experiences and great service. Period.

So, yes, it’s ok to be proud of your roots. But it’s not a call to action. Being born and raised here isn’t what it used to be in marketing and storytelling. It might just be a footnote in a much bigger story about why audiences should care about you.

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