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Post-production of Priority Places conservation documentary nears completion

Priority Places in Canada

Post-production of Priority Places conservation documentary nears completion

Post-production is nearing completion on a new 70-minute conservation documentary about the federal government’s Priority Places program. The feature-length documentary will be released in 2023.

I’m really excited about producing this one and crafting the storytelling. It was filmed over eight months in 2022 and saw me trek a variety of landscapes and go into the field during the day and night with numerous resesearchers in the Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place. It’s the largest film project that I’ve undertaken to date in 10 years of conservation film work. In addition to entirely filming and producing the documentary, I’m also the voice of the narration. To describe this undertaking as a gigantic project would be an understatement. A huge thank you goes to project manager Cynthia Brink for all the coordination, providing countless GPS driving directions to out of the way places, and scheduling interviews and meetups with field crews working at all hours of the day.

In this documentary audiences will see and learn about the conservation work and research happening in this unique and ecologically important forest region located in southwestern Ontario.

The official trailer for the documentary debuted to much excitement in November 2022 at the Long Point Biosphere Region’s 9th annual Research and Conservation Conference.

Canada's Priority Places

Trailer for forthcoming conservation documentary. (Image: WorkCabin Creative)

The Long Point Walsingham Forest (LPWF) has been chosen as a “Priority Place” for conservation by the Canadian government. The vast forested area is one of 11 Priority Places identified in Canada and is the only one so far identified in Ontario.

Environment and Climate Change Canada chose the Long Point Walsingham Forest because of its high biodiversity, large number of species at risk, highly-engaged local conservation community and significant environmental pressures. Federal and provincial governments are working with local conservation partners and stakeholders to develop and implement a Conservation Action Plan.

The vision for the LPWF Priority Place is to create healthy, resilient, and connected ecosystems that support biodiversity, productive landscapes, and a thriving community.

In order to effectively implement the Priority Place Conservation Action plan, a collaborative of local conservation groups formed in 2019. This group will set priorities for improving biodiversity conservation, create new partnerships, seek funding and implement coordinated actions on-the-ground for species at risk and their habitat.

Members of the LPWF collaborative include:

ALUS Norfolk Inc.
Birds Canada
Carolinian Canada Coalition
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Long Point Basin Land Trust
Long Point Region Conservation Authority
Long Point Biosphere Region
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Natural Resource Solutions Inc.

Norfolk County
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
Ministry of Norther Development, Mines, Natural Resources, and Forests
Ontario Nature
Ontario Plant Restoration Alliance
Ontario Road Ecology Group
Community Council
Tallgrass Ontario

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