WorkCabin Creative specializes in a niche it knows well. Very well. Nature and conservation full-time filmmaking is what we do. We don't do weddings. We don't do real estate. And we're not video generalists. That's jargon for those videographers who literally make videos about anything and anyone who comes calling. WorkCabin Creative is about more. It's about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and knowing the language of what we do for, and with our conservation clients. Our difference is why leading conservation organizations choose u
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Mornings From The Cabin podcast

Ep. 98: The ONE question that has no cookie-cutter answer

In this episode I talk about THE most common question asked about video projects. Videographers aren’t trying to be evasive when they can’t answer this question right away. That’s because every project is different. So we have to know more about your story.

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

Ep. 97: The big difference: Partners, not customers

The year 2020 has been all about gaining new perspectives. On the marketing side of things, most limited time sales and promotions seemed so gimmicky and unauthentic during Covid19. Something more was needed in such challenging times, something more focused on truly helping. So I did something that was the opposite of what so many small businesses did during the challenges of Covid19. WorkCabin Creative slashed its conservation filmmaking and photography rates for almost the entire year. Why? Listen to this week’s podcast.

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

Ep. 96: Why Having (And Knowing) Your Niche Really Matters

Of all the things that have helped my business, knowing my niche and target market have been the biggest assets to creating career momentum and growth. It has helped build credibility, trust and authenticity within that specific markets. And most importantly, it has led t0 high quality referrals from customers who understand and want the value that I provide

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

Ep. 95: The Social Media Trap For Creatives

We’ve all seen those kinds of so-called “creatives” that say in their Facebook bios they are full-time professional photographers or whatever. But look at the volume of photos they post almost every hour every day on Facebook and the obvious becomes apparent. They are not “full-time” photographers. They are “full-time” Facebook users. The only thing many of these so-called photographers are working for is volume of free Likes and “friends” congratulating and showering praise on them. Here’s the problem. That’s not work. It’s an addiction. And it’s definitely NOT the work, life balance of being a real full-time creative who is actually out there earning a living.

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

Ep. 94: Why YouTube Makes You Smarter At Using Social

For the past two years I’ve been building a personalized YouTube channel all about helping new filmmakers and videographers. This podcast episode is about the amazing lessons learned growing a channel and why I think YouTube makes you better and smarter at using a social channel vs all the other social channels out there.

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Mornings From The Cabin podcast

#93: Being a Creative During The Pandemic

A pandemic is certainly a challenging time for creatives. But those of who us who have adapted and continued to serve customers, even in smaller ways, will look back and see this time as success. Maybe not in terms of income generated. But in terms of keeping our businesses alive in some shape or form. Resiliency is a business trait that the right target audience will notice. And these are the customers you want to attract

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

#92: Real Is Better Than Perfect (I will explain!)

Unstaged. Unscripted. Two words that strike fear into the hearts of many organizations and small businesses. But really, if you want to resonate as authentic and real, being unstaged and unscripted is powerful for not only being viewed as more genuine but also trustworthy.

Mornings From The Cabin podcast

#91: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s easy to look at someone else and want to be like them, have the same success as they apparently have, do the same kind of work, and measure your own progress based on them. The entire trouble is, doing this will usually only cause you nothing but demoralization and an inability to truly improve because your guide to measuring yourself and your success is not your own .

#90: Swerving and adapting thanks to Covid19

Just like you, Covid19 has me reflecting on so many things, including my business. It has been a time of reflection, re-examining goals and dreams and…… yes, services. I feel that I have gained way more clarity over these past few months. I feel that my focus is even more laser-like now. I know where I want to grow and put more emphasis on going forward

#89: Innovative or Behind-The-Times?

Now is a kind of a gut-check for every community out there. As Coronavirus impacts nonprofits, groups, downtowns, and organizations, it’s interesting to see the growing divide that’s now being exposed: Some are being innovative and rethinking how they can deliver their programming and events by livestreaming, utilizing videos, or webinars in 2020. And then there are others simply throwing in the towel on programs and events. OK, I get it it: maybe some activities have significant logistics and no other way to proceed than being in-person, so cancelling makes sense. But the intent of this podcast episode is aimed at smaller organizations. Like downtowns, small nonprofit community groups, environmental organizations, etc. What’s shocking is seeing so many activities being cancelled and thinking to myself: “Really? They couldn’t find a way to do that online on some scale in 2020?” The takeaway is this: Audiences are missing you! Come July, they will REALLY missing you. You cannot afford being absent in their lives. So take a step back and think before you cancel. There are potential alternatives. Everyone is stuck at home and craving ways to stay connected with their favourite community groups and places. Innovative and progressive groups, downtowns and communities are REALLY standing out now Behind-the-times communities are REALLY being exposed now.