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Podcast: Are Birds Dinosaurs?

Conservation podcast producer

Podcast: Are Birds Dinosaurs?

Of all the podcasts of The Warblers podcast that WorkCabin Creative has edited and done sound design for, this latest episode is the most favourite. Mixing dinosaur sounds and and some precision editing, this episode really captures and holds listeners’ interests thanks to great hosting by biologist Jody Allair and guest Francois Therrien of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, AB.

Episode Description

Our producer, Jody Allair, never stopped loving dinosaurs. He is always telling us about how birds are actually just dinosaurs. Is he right?

In this episode, we hear from Dr. François Therrien at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta. We learn about the evolution of birds, and their similarities with theropod dinosaurs. This episode goes out to everyone who never stopped loving dinosaurs!

By studying the palaeoecology of extinct animals, François Therrien aims to determine how animals behaved when they were alive, and what the world they lived in looked like. For the palaeoecology of extinct animals, François uses two different approaches. The shapes of animals’ bones help him determine the behaviours of extinct animals (e.g., how they hunted, walked, laid their eggs). He also studies the features and chemical composition of ancient soils (called paleosols) to reconstruct the environments and climatic conditions the animals lived in.

Jody Allair is an avid birder and naturalist who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. He is the Director of Community Engagement at Birds Canada and has written numerous articles on birds, birding and connecting with nature. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @JodyAllair.


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