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Official trailer for new national conservation series

Gardening For Birds

Official trailer for new national conservation series

Last year was a big year for WorkCabin Creative filming videos about birds. One of the major conservation video storytelling assignments was shooting a multi-part video series for Birds Canada called Gardening For Birds. The series will be debuting in 2021 with the release of numerous videos, a website, and resources to help people help birds.

In addition to the extensive filming and months-long production work on the series, WorkCabin Creative also produced this 30-second cinematic trailer. This trailer is now being used nationally as part of the promotion for this exciting upcoming series in Canada.

Cinematic trailers are a great idea because they help build suspense for what’s to come. And a trailer has infinite uses as ‘funnel’ video to help drive audiences to the series. WorkCabin Creative has produced two versions of this trailer for Birds Canada: One version for pre-series launch promotion, and a second version for use after the series launches.

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