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New Videos for The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Conservation storytelling in Ontario Canada

New Videos for The Nature Conservancy of Canada

I’ve finished filming and production work on two new videos for The Nature Conservancy of Canada.

In March I travelled north of Kingston, Ontario to the Frontenac Arch region to do video work in the newly expanded Hawkridge Nature Reserve, and the new Blue Lake Nature Reserve.

The Blue Lake nature reserve near Frontenac Provincial Park, is a picturesque 35-hectare site with  more than 1.4 kilometres of shoreline on Gould and Blue lakes. It features intact deciduous forests, wetlands and the pristine Blue Lake, creating a rich mosaic of habitats that support at-risk species like cerulean warbler, several species of snakes and turtles, and more. 

The Hawkridge Nature Reserve near Elgin, will see the additional protection of 76 hectares immediately north of the property. The Hawkridge site contains forests, marsh and Provincially Significant Wetlands teeming with waterfowl and other birds, turtles and amphibians and has an active and isolated “heronry” on site, meaning that heron pairs are breeding, nesting and rearing young within the site’s rich aquatic habitats.  

“The Frontenac Arch is a critical habitat linkage of forests, wetlands and lakes,” says Rob McRae, Eastern Ontarion Program Director for The Nature Conservancy of Canada. “(NCC) is thrilled to observe World Wildlife Day by announcing the successful expansion of existing conservation lands in the Frontenac Arch through today’s announcement of the Blue Lake and Hawkridge projects. These sites will continue to support an incredible array of biodiversity and provide us with a chance to mitigate some of the threats that these species face, such as habitat fragmentation and pressure from development.”

This conservation video project was produced in both English and French.

Gregg McLachlan
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