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New video work highlighting importance of vernal pools

Amphibian research in Ontario Canada

New video work highlighting importance of vernal pools

Vernal pools are critical early spring habitat for amphibians across Canada. These pools are created every spring by snow melt and rain. They are critical habitat for amphibians because they are safe nursery for breeding frogs and salamanders. Because vernal pools lack fish, predation of amphibian eggs and young is low, therefore providing a safer place for amphibians to mate, spawn and grow new generations of frogs and salamanders.

In March 2021, WorkCabin Creative worked with NatureHood Norfolk, Nature Canada, Long Point World Biosphere, St. Williams Conservation Reserve, and Blazing Star Environmental to capture the stories of why vernal pools are important. These stories are important because they introduce the value of nature and ecosystems to younger generations and families.

Here’s a short behind-the-scenes captured with a GoPro during filming day.

Gregg McLachlan
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