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NEW VIDEO: Why You Must Do Conservation Storytelling

conservation storytelling in Canada

NEW VIDEO: Why You Must Do Conservation Storytelling

What is conservation storytelling? And why is it now a must-have for your conservation organization today?

I’ve produced a new video that will walk you through 10 reasons why your conservation nonprofit must be doing storytelling today. Please do share the video within your organization. After all, one of the tips is why your entire organizations from top to bottom needs to have buy-in for storytelling to be successful.

In a nutshell, a great story makes audiences relate to your conservation cause. It shows meaning and purpose in a way that builds a deeper connection between viewer and your organization. You need to be real. Not social media filled with desktop created graphics. Not Ron Burgundy-like ‘real’. Not cheesy over-the-top TikTokish happy dances.

You can blast all kinds of facts, figures and fancy graphic design posts at viewers (and many conservation organizations do!). But facts and figures with no story will add up to zero emotional connection. Stories add the necessary context. If your goal is to make viewers do something, like sign up for a campaign, become a volunteer, or help spread word of mouth, storytelling has the power to potentially move us toward doing that action.

Gregg McLachlan
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