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New video for $50 million biogas project

Biogas project

New video for $50 million biogas project

WorkCabin Creative was hired by WM to film and produce a new video about its $50 million investment in a renewable natural gas (RNG) infrastructure project at the Twin Creeks Environmental Centre in Watford, Ontario, Canada. The project included aerial and ground filming, and professional voiceover talent.

Subscribe to see updates and releases about The Bird House documentaryThe facility will convert landfill gas into pipeline-quality gas for the nearby commercial transmission and distribution network. When completed, the renewable energy plant is expected to help address Ontario’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target with an estimated reduction of 70,000 tons of CO2 per year (the equivalent of taking 28,000 cars off the road).

Biogas is produced as organic waste in the landfill decomposes, That biogas is currently collected and some of that biogas is used to heat a large agriculture greenhouse next to the landfill and any biogas that it can’t use is flared off.


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