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New tourism video filmed and produced in Kingston, Ontario

Maple syrup festivals in Ontario

New tourism video filmed and produced in Kingston, Ontario

Spending a day in a sugar bush just might be the best office ever. I had a fantastic time working in Kingston, Ontario with the staff at Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority. I was hired to film and produce a series of videos to be used to promote one of Eastern Ontario’s most popular March tourism events, the Maple Madness festival at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area.

This project represented another example of how WorkCabin Creative’s filmmaking work in the outdoors continues to grow exponentially. The finished videos for Cataraqui also illustrate the filmmaking style that I advocate: Be Real, Be Natural. As you’ll see when you watch the video, staff don’t use scripts and scenes are not staged. I worked with the organization and staff to make sure realness was captured as it happened. Why? Because people want to see realness in what they watch. They want to see what they will really experience when they visit. Portraying it as anything else, would simply not be authentic.

One of the big problems with so many social videos today is that many are being over-choreographed and over-scripted to the point of almost being theatrical. When that happens, the storytelling becomes unauthentic and unreal.

How much fun is Maple Madness? Well, take a tractor-drawn wagon back to the sugar bush and learn how maple syrup was made in the olden days and how it is made now. Enjoy pancakes with real maple syrup and buy some syrup or sugar to take home. Be sure to check out some of the special activities, tree tapping demonstrations, Sugar Bush Tours, the Annual Conservation Foundation Bake Sale and much more. 

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