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NEW! Digital Content Hybrid Package // Photo + Video

Outdoor adventure video and photo agency in Canada

NEW! Digital Content Hybrid Package // Photo + Video

Do you want a variety of digital content at an affordable price?

WorkCabin Creative now offers a new hybrid digital content package featuring both video and photo content. This package is custom designed for each request and crafted to meet the unique needs of outdoors adventure tourism operators and businesses, and environmental conservation organizations in Ontario, Canada. It’s a package that is generally intended for creating social media content (Instagram photos, short single scene videos, short video content, photos for Facebook, or broll clips for stocking your own video clips library).

At its core, this hybrid package is really about giving tourism-related and conservation customers extra value in a single site visit. No more need for separate bookings.

Environmental videographers in southern Ontario

Get double the content

Imagine having multiple videos and a collection of photographs delivered to your business as part of a single, economically priced package? During the past year, WorkCabin Creative has done several such digital content hybrid packages at the request of customers who wanted both photography work and video work done in a single visit. Previously, WorkCabin Creative did this work in separate visits. But change is good. Actually it’s a must. So now it’s time to formally roll out this digital hybrid content package available to everyone.

Please note: In some circumstances this package may not be available for some requested projects due to available on-site time and other factors. Factors affecting whether a hybrid project is doable may be influenced by time required to navigate certain landscapes, water courses, hiking distance, and type of video work requested and potential amount of post video production work required. 

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Equipment and solutions to meet most budgets

Being flexibility and light (when necessary) is part of what WorkCabin Creative can do for video and photo work. Yes, we have a very large toolkit of professional filmmaking and photography equipment. But we can also scale back on equipment and be extra light too to meet your budget needs. Want to go super nimble because your budget is small? Ask us! WorkCabin Creative can get as nimble as a GoPro or mobile filmmaking and photography. Simply contact us and a custom quote can be provided. Zero pressure. Always. If we are unable to take on your project, we’ll be honest and tell you so.

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