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New conservation video filmed and produced for ALUS Canada

ALUS Lake Erie Test Transfer Project

New conservation video filmed and produced for ALUS Canada

WorkCabin Creative has finished filming and production of a new conservation video for ALUS Canada.

Filmed over several days at locations across southwestern Ontario, the video is part of national marketing and outreach by ALUS for a new groundbreaking nature-based program called the Lake Erie Test Transfer Project.

The ALUS Lake Erie Test Transfer Project will demonstrate the impact of the Integrated Modelling for Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices (IMWEBs) model at-scale within the Great Lakes basin. The science-based and data-driven IMWEBs quantifies the water quantity and quality benefits of natural infrastructure projects, providing unprecedented insight into managing the health of the Lake Erie basin.

ALUS helps farmers and ranchers in Canada build nature-based solutions on their land. ALUS, originally an acronym for Alternative Land Use Services, is an innovative community-developed and farmer-delivered program that produces, enhances and maintains ecosystem services on agricultural lands. Projects include wetland restoration and enhancement, riparian buffers, shelterbelts, afforestation and native prairie grass restoration provide cleaner water and air, habitat, carbon sequestration and climate resiliency.

The project is supported by RBC Tech for Nature, a multi-year commitment to preserving the world’s greatest wealth: our natural ecosystem. Working with partners like ALUS, RBC is supporting the development of technology and innovation capabilities to solve pressing environmental challenges.

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