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How WorkCabin Creative adapted during pandemic

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How WorkCabin Creative adapted during pandemic

Adapting has never been more crucial than during a pandemic.

Ever wondered how you see and review a draft of your conservation video project? In the past, WorkCabin Creative emailed drafts, web transfered drafts, or used YouTube and Vimeo as private ways of listing and sharing draft videos only to clients. It worked pretty well, but as our digital media business has grown in Canada, it was time to upgrade our entire approach to a more professional and feature-rich video review process for customers.

We were excited to launch our new online review platform in 2021. What is it? It’s WorkCabin Creative’s professional client review web portal. It’s a unique password-protected private screening room. The timing of the new online portal in 2021 could not have been better. With the pandemic beginning to take hold, the online project review portal turned out to be an incredibly strategic step in adapting to the changing environment of doing business during a pandemic.

WorkCabin Creative Client Review“It really helped WorkCabin Creative deliver a seamless and efficient way for clients and teams to give feedback, see drafts of videos, and move projects through to completion in a virtual environment,” said WorkCabin filmmaker Gregg McLachlan. “With so many employees of our clients working remotely at this time, the online portal really helped WorkCabin facilitate a way to bring together our clients and their teams throughout the post-production journey of producing a video.”

The new portal isn’t temporary. It’s here to stay, after the pandemic too.

“The feedback has been so positive and I really think it played a role in enabling WorkCabin Creative to innovate and have a hugely successful year in 2021.”

How does the portal work? When a draft of your video project is finished the first stage of post production, WorkCabin Creative will upload a version to our web-based review portal. You receive a password that will grant you quick access to log in and watch your video in your own screening room. Your unique screening room is available for the duration of your project. The screening room also tracks every version and revision request of your video project so you’ll always be in the loop. We can also toggle a Completed notification so you know when we’ve completed a request.

When clients review drafts, they can make change requests via the built-in timestamps system. You can even mark your video as Approved and immediately download a file so you can start using it in your marketing efforts.

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“This is a super fast way for our clients to professionally follow and collaborate on the editing and production journey of seeing their video project go from draft to completion,” said McLachlan. “Our user-friendly auto-timestamp commenting feature means there’s never any guessing game for customers when making notes about where exactly you would like an editing change in your video.”

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