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New cinematic forest short film – The Dancing Light

Forest light

New cinematic forest short film – The Dancing Light

There’s an old, often-spoken rule that filmmakers should avoid the harshness of midday sunshine. Usually that’s intended for general videography. I tend to throw out that unofficial rule often when it comes to conservation filmmaking. Sure early morning sun and late day sun are incredible. But in the right circumstances, midday sun can be a strong element.

During the pandemic, lockdowns presented lots of opportunities to take a break, wander forests alone, and haul out the filmmaking gear for some personal enjoyment.

Often, all nature needs to tell a story are visuals

Over several days and several hikes in the summer of 2021, I sought out the harsh sunshine beneath the tree canopy. I sought out the light dancing in the interior of the forest.

This is the short film, The Dancing Light, that I filmed and produced. Enjoy!

Gregg McLachlan
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