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Nature vlogs in Canada: Vlogging for conservation in Ontario

Nature vloggers in Canada

Nature vlogs in Canada: Vlogging for conservation in Ontario

In autumn 2019, I spent a week living off the grid in a cabin on a 32-kilometre sandspit in the middle of Lake Erie. I was there to do filming and vlogging work for the Long Point Bird Observatory, the oldest bird research observatory in the western hemisphere.

My departure date to reach the wild and remote location was delayed by a couple of days due to high winds and rough lake conditions. Weather is a constant challenge on Lake Erie, often called the graveyard of the Great Lakes. When there is a window of calm weather, you pack the boat and go. After a week of filming, the decision to finally pack up and head home was hurried. We had just endured endless days of high winds and rough waves. Suddenly one morning, the forecast showed a three-hour opening of calm weather on the lake. It would be the only safe window to leave the sandspit over the next several upcoming days. So we packed my filmmaking gear into the boat and shoved off for the 90-minute trip. The main lake was still choppy, but researchers had GPS and knowledge of a shortcut through dense marshes that would lead us to our final destination on the mainland.

Expecting to get wet on the boat ride home, all my professional filmmaking gear was packed and sealed in totes. But I made sure to keep my GoPro out and ready. What I created was a short vlog about the journey home.


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