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Monarch butterfly migration at Long Point, Ontario

Monarch butterfly migration at Long Point Ontario Canada

Monarch butterfly migration at Long Point, Ontario

Long Point, Ontario is well known in North America as a birding hotspot, especially during spring and fall migration. But it’s also a hotspot for migrating monarch butterflies.

Every August and September, monarchs arrive at Long Point by the tens of thousands. They rest here before taking off again on their journey to the warm wintering grounds of Mexico.

In September I spent almost a week at the Long Point Bird Observatory at the tip of Long Point. I was doing filmmaking and vlogging work. One of the vlogs I recently finished producing was a short one-minute vlog about the epic migration of monarchs here.

Being in front of the camera as a vlog host has become a growing part of my work since 2018. It’s a natural complement to my regular conservation filmmaking work behind the camera.

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