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Do you need ND filters for GoPro?

How to make GoPro footage better on sunny days

Do you need ND filters for GoPro?

If you’re using a GoPro to film videos in nature, environmental field work or during outdoor tourism adventures, you’ve probably encountered very bright sunny days. When you return to the office to look at your footage, you immediately groan. The footage looks washed out and overexposed.

There’s a simple fix the next time you go to use your GoPro and the sun is blazing bright.

Just like DSLRs, GoPros can benefit from using neutral density filters. ND filters, as they are commonly called, are like sunglasses for your camera lens. They lower the exposure so your footage looks more cinematic.

Watch this video to get an idea of how ND filters work on a GoPro, and see the effect they have on exposure in a forest on a sunny day.

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