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How much does a professional video cost in Canada

How much does a professional video cost in Canada

“We’re too small! We can’t afford it.”

Not going to lie. It’s a comment heard every month in marketing for small tourism operations, outdoor adventure tourism businesses, and small environmental nonprofits in Canada.

The it is digital content creation, whether that be photography or videography.

Price and budgets are two of the most common questions when doing outreach or having conversations with potential customers. At WorkCabin Creative the focus has always been to strive to provide value.

Value is the difference between price and value that is often not well understood. So, here we go: Price is what you pay, value is what you get for each and every dollar you spend. That includes any little extras you receive, customer service, personal attention to details, and the fit as it pertains to a working relationship. Value can be something as simple as taking pride and responsibility in everything that is done as a team, or never scoffing at any task by saying that’s “not my job.” Value can be a business that works with its clients and always has the mentality that that business is its business. And treats it with that same care.

How much does a tourism video cost in Canada

How much does a tourism or outdooor adventure video cost?

Ah yes! The wild card question!

First, a video doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. OK, caveat: it might. But that is usually reserved for videos that regional tourism destination marketing organizations ask for. That’s because these videos usually entail countless locations to be featured, numerous days of video work and aerial filming, and a host of other requirements which probably means meals expenses too. No doubt, the operation involves a film crew. Yes, that means a big enough crew that one person has the full-time job of only holding a microphone boom. And so on. So you can imagine how the dollars start to add up.

Don’t sweat it, if you’re a small tourism business. The above usually doesn’t apply to you.

In most cases, WorkCabin Creative can usually shoot a video, including aerial filming, in a few hours. For post production work, it usually takes two to three times the number of hours of filming work to produce and edit a video. So, if it takes two hours to film a video, it will take about four to six hours work to produce the final video. The reality here is that you’re more likely looking at a range of a few hundred dollars to $1000.

Videographers specializing in small tourism businesses

Don’t fear disclosing your budget range

Your best course of action (before you dismiss doing video altogether) is to have a discussion about what kind of budget range you have for a video or professional photography. Most videographers don’t seek to know your budget range so we can privately say Hahahaha! and gobble up every last cent of those dollars. Knowing your budget range means we can work with you to get the work done and hopefully save you some dollars.

Every small business, including a small business that does videography, can appreciate what it means to come in under budget.

For WorkCabin Creative, we have the word creative in our name for a reason. For one recent project, filmmaker Gregg McLachlan lived off the grid for a week to shoot footage for an organization. We got creative with a barter on accommodations and travel that resulted in big savings for the client, and still enabled us to shoot the footage affordably.

Digital content creation for travel and tourism in Ontario Canada

So the takeaway is this…..

Don’t jump to conclusions or have pre-conceived ideas about pricing for tourism videos. Talk it through. Talk about your needs. Talk about your budget. Think about a true collaborative effort that can make it happen. Change your thinking from “We can’t!” to thinking “To make this happen, we need to be able to do this….” That’s what goes through our minds every time a potential customer says “We can’t afford it!”

And try to stop thinking about those epic five-minute videos that regional tourism destination marketing organizations pay $8,000 to $10,000 for by hiring big city film crews. Of course, those kinds of videos are way over the top for small tourism businesses. What you can get filmed for your business, is much much cheaper. And best of all, your business won’t be limited to appearing in just a 15-second clip in a five-minute video.

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