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Hope, Faith & Dreams (trailer)

Hope Faith and Dreams

Hope, Faith & Dreams (trailer)

We all have fears now. Fears about our businesses. Fears about our future. And fears about what will happen to the people around us.

The emotions come in waves. They slam you without notice. Other times you can feel uplifted with hope. But really, there is no schedule for how you will feel today or tomorrow. It just happens.

I wanted to make a short film about this journey that we are all experiencing with Coronavirus. Most importantly, I wanted to make a film about coping, about finding the light in darkness, and new beginnings. We can control some things, like holding tight to dreams and hopes for the future. This is a short trailer of the full five-minute film coming soon. I am creating this video because I think it is important to talk about what we are going through. When we talk about this experience, we feel less alone.

Gregg McLachlan
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