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Help the birds, drink Bird Friendly coffee


Help the birds, drink Bird Friendly coffee

The Warblers, a podcast by Birds Canada, is wrapping up 2021 with a critical message and information about making the right coffee choices to protect and conserve birds.

The two-part series kicks off with part one, Drinking What We Love, The Link Between Birds and Coffee.

Most coffee drinkers are unaware of how destructive some coffee plantations are to bird habitat in the wintering grounds of many migrating species. Many of these impacted species migrate to Canada, and back again to South America in the fall.

The Warblers is edited by WorkCabin Creative’s Gregg McLachlan.

Listen to Part 1:

Show notes:

When it comes to coffee and birds there’s a surprising amount we can learn. Many of our beloved migrant birds spend their winters in southern climes. In coffee plantations in fact. Shade-grown, organic, fair-trade, and bird-friendly coffee – what’s up with all the certifications? What difference does it make if my coffee is certified bird-friendly?

Dr. Ana Gonzalez grew up among the coffee plantations of Colombia and is now living in Canada. Ana tells us about her work and the important role coffee plays in the lives of many bird species that are in trouble. And the role we can play in helping them.

Ready to get your bird-friendly coffee? Visit www.birdsandbeans.ca/warblers – using this link will automatically apply the code. You can also use the code “Warblers” when you check out. The code helps us measure the positive impact of the podcast on bird-friendly coffee sales. Please note this option is only valid for purchases in Canada.

Dr. Ana González-Prieto  is an avian conservation ecologist. She integrates behavioural and demographic field data with tracking techniques; providing foundational scientific information needed to support international and local conservation strategies for Neotropical migrants of conservation concern. Ana’s work has been recognized recently through receipt of several awards including the BioOne Ambassador Award and the James G. Cooper Early Professional Award, presented by the American Ornithological Society. She obtained her PhD and MSc degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and has held postdoctoral fellowships at Simon Fraser University (Mitacs), the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Research Center, and Environment and Climate Change Canada.  Her research experience spans from her natal Colombia to North America during the full annual cycle of migratory birds. Ana has lived in 6 different provinces from Quebec to British Columbia but has now settled in White Rock BC, where she currently works for the Science and Technology Branch of ECCC.

Andrea Gress studied Renewable Resource Management at the University of Saskatchewan. She pivoted towards birds, after an internship in South Africa. Upon returning, she worked with Piping Plovers in Saskatchewan and now coordinates the Ontario Piping Plover Conservation Program for Birds Canada. Follow her work at @ontarioplovers

Andrés Jiménez is a Costa Rican wildlife biologist with a keen interest in snakes, frogs, birds and how human relationships are interconnected with the living world. He studied Tropical Biology in Costa Rica and has a Masters in Environmental Problem Solving from York University. He is Birds Canada’s Urban Program Coordinator and you can follow him at @andresjimo

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