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Hello, busy season for conservation video production

Environmental video production in Ontario Canada

Hello, busy season for conservation video production

In the conservation video production business, the months of January, February, March and April are busy seasons for many reasons.

First, many of those video projects that were filmed during the previous autumn have delivery deadlines of spring. So it’s full speed ahead on video production when a new year begins and projects have to be finished. WorkCabin Creative has 15 video projects that are in the final phase of production to be sent to organizations this spring.

Several of these projects now being wrapped up are part of national programs and campaigns being launched. Another project is a conservation documentary for a nature organization that should be released by May 2021.

Secondly, there’s another more obvious reason that spring can be busy. It’s the start of new life. Migrating birds begin to arrive. Frogs start calling in freshly unfrozen forest ponds. Salamanders begin crawling at night toward vernal pools to mate and spawn. In the field of conservation filming work, we also refer to this as headlamp season 😉

The arrival of March and April signals the annual rise in requests for filming conservation projects. And the requests will keep coming in until the snow flies again in many many months.

Pro tip: Reach out early to book your slot on the schedule!

Gregg McLachlan
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