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Gardening For Birds series launches nationally

Gardening for Birds

Gardening For Birds series launches nationally

A new multi-part conservation video series filmed and produced by WorkCabin Creative for Birds Canada has launched nationally.

Filming work was done in the fall of 2020 and production work was wrapped up in spring 2021.

Gardening For Birds helps Canadians take their love of birds to the next level by creating habitat in your yard or garden that provides life-saving resources (think food, water, and shelter) for birds throughout the year. Gardening is an excellent way to ensure that outdoor spaces, whether large or small, help wildlife. Many North American bird species are in decline due to habitat loss and degradation, among other global threats.

You can design a nature-focused garden that helps create patches of habitat that are beneficial to birds – year-round residents, winter visitors, local breeding birds, and also those that are passing through during spring and fall migrations. When you garden with birds in mind, your property can become part of a larger conservation initiative to help address the loss of biological diversity (biodiversity). And you might be surprised by how many new species you’ll see visiting your property or living in your garden.

The Gardening For Birds website BirdGardens.ca will help you help birds by making it easy for you to design and plant a garden that is great for birds. Whether you have an existing garden that could use a few tweaks or an expansive lawn that you’re hoping to transform for the benefit of nature, this site will give you a head start on welcoming more birds to your yard.


Series Trailer

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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