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Forest School in Ontario, Canada

Forest School in Ontario Canada

Forest School in Ontario, Canada

WorkCabin Creative has wrapped up its year-long filming work with Norfolk Forest School and is entering the final production phase.

In early 2022, Nature’s Calling Environmental Education hired WorkCabin Creative to film and produce a series of videos. Filming began in spring 2022 and continued through each of the following seasons.

The focus of the narrative film project was to capture snippets of daily life at Forest School so that parents can gain a feel and appreciation for the play-based learning that takes place under the guidance of educators.

Forest School provides an alternative form of education designed to explore experiential learning opportunities and promote curiosity to nurture the whole child.

Filming this project over the past 14 months has been a special for me. Seeing the amazement on the faces of the children upon every discovery in the forest brought me back to my own childhood and the lifelong influence that nature has had on me, and eventually into my career path.

There’s so much to love about Forest School.

Forest School believes that children not only need, but deserve nature in their everyday lives. The school strives to create an environment where children are free to be children, exploring the world around them through wonder and inquiry, all the while building strong and healthy relationships with themselves, their peers, and the natural world.

The philosophy that guides the Norfolk Forest School is that children are extremely curious and playful by nature, and capable of co-constructing their own learning environment while immersed in the outdoors. Through daily opportunities and hands-on experiences to connect with the natural world, children ask questions, and guide their own discovery alongside a caring and dedicated educator. Relationships are at the core of our program, including the relationships we develop with children, their families, the community, and our environment.

At the Norfolk Forest School, learning is play-based, place-based, and inquiry-based. Children are innately inquisitive and curious, and ask questions to gather thoughts and ideas, so they can make sense of the world around them. From wondering, to questioning and then exploration, children guide their own learning and discovery, initiated by their self-directed interests. Emergent learning allows for the co-constructing of curriculum which is intentional and meaningful for both the child and educator.

Watch one of the videos below


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