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Filming videos for Muskoka Conservancy

Muskoka videographers

Filming videos for Muskoka Conservancy

If you’ve followed WorkCabin Creative for a while, you know all about why Muskoka is so special to me.

I’ve lived in different communities throughout my life, but the one constant in my life from childhood to adulthood has always been Muskoka. I’ve spent more time there exploring and hiking the woods, paddling lakes and diving into clear waters, than anywhere else. Muskoka has long been my escape, that place where I have my sense of belonging (apologies to any other town in Ontario where I’ve lived).

I’ve started filmmaking work for a video series for the Muskoka Conservancy. Work began in July 2021 and included video and aerial filming. More filming is scheduled for the autumn. I’m excited to film and produce this conservation video series for the Conservancy, and highlight what makes this area a special place and why it is in need of protection as development pressures mount.

Muskoka filmmaker

Filming at nature reserve in Muskoka

Gregg McLachlan
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