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Filming tourism videos in Kingston, Ontario

Maple Madness Festival in Kingston Ontario

Filming tourism videos in Kingston, Ontario

In March, I travelled to Kingston, Ontario to do a video shoot for the Maple Madness Festival, one of Ontario’s largest maple syrup festivals. This hugely popular festival is held every March by the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority and attracts locals and tourists. The video shoot lasted about four hours and the end result will be multiple videos for the festival to use in its marketing beginning in 2020.

Maple Madness is one of Ontario’s largest maple syrup festivals, attracting locals and tourists. It was a thrill to be working with this festival to help attract even more people to visit Kingston to experience the sugar bush, interpretive leaning, wagon rides, pancakes and of course….. sweet maple syrup!

When I returned home from the video shoot, I wanted to give CRCA a quick little treat that it could start using immediately to help promote the final days of the 2019 festival. So I raced to produce the very quick 20-second cut below for social media. Having social media cuts today is so important. These are very short — usually about 15-20 seconds — and let you roll out a variety of videos vs one long video. And, we know from social media analytics that shorter videos often perform very well on social media.

Gregg McLachlan
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