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Filming and vlogging for the Long Point Bird Observatory

Nature videographer in Ontario

Filming and vlogging for the Long Point Bird Observatory

I’ve returned from four days of living off the grid, in a rustic cabin, at the tip of Long Point, Ontario to do filming and vlogging work for the Long Point Bird Observatory (LPBO). This work is part of a larger project for 2020. I spent the days following researchers in their day-to-day activities at this remote banding station at the tip of the 30-kilometre sandspit in the middle of Lake Erie.

I packed my video gear in multiple sealed totes for the one hour boat trip to the tip. Fortunately, we had a small window of good lake conditions and completed the trip without getting soaked by waves. This project was one of the most exciting and adventurous of my 10 years in business with WorkCabin Creative. It also builds nicely on the growing side of work in the conservation and nature fields.

LPBO operates research, training, and education programs focused on ornithology, conservation, and other aspects of natural history at Long Point.

LPBO is the oldest bird observatory in the Western Hemisphere and the founding program of Bird Studies Canada. It was established in 1960 by the Ontario Bird Banding Association.

Long Point is a major stopping point for birds during migrations, attracting large numbers and concentrations. The LPBO’s team at the tip counts and monitors many species as they migrate north in spring and south in fall. Counting birds on migration is particularly valuable for monitoring populations of species that breed in northern Canada, in areas that are inaccessible to more conventional monitoring methods such as the Breeding Bird Survey.

One of the challenges of this trip was vlogging and getting content posted with limited to no internet much of the time. I swerved in my approach to vlogging and filmed several with my smartphone and edited them on my smartphone so I could upload small file sizes to social media while living out there at the tip.

Gregg McLachlan
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