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Priority Place Documentary Premieres to Sold-Out Audience

Priority Place conservation documentary

Priority Place Documentary Premieres to Sold-Out Audience

Wow! I have so much gratitude for the sold-out premiere on Nov 10, 2023 of my new conservation documentary, A Priority Place: Hope For A Forest.

priority place

Sold-out premiere

The crowd of 150 people was full of conservation supporters and conservation organizations and partners involved in the exciting Priority Place project in the Long Point Biosphere Region’s Long Point Walsingham Forest. I was hired to film and produce the 70-minute documentary over an eight-month span in 2022 for the biosphere region. The project was funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Together with project manager Cynthia Brink, we hiked a variety of landscapes at all times of the day and spent countless hours in the field embedded with wildlife and ecological experts doing research and restoration work.

A Priority Place is an area of high biodiversity value that is seen as a distinct place with a common ecological theme by the people who live and work there. As part of the Pan-Canadian approach to transforming species at risk conservation in Canada, a total of 11 priority places were affirmed by federal, provincial and territorial governments in December, 2018. The places selected have significant biodiversity, concentrations of species at risk, and opportunities to advance conservation efforts. In each priority place, the federal and provincial or territorial governments are working with Indigenous Peoples, partners and stakeholders to develop conservation action plans.

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