WorkCabin Creative is about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and understanding the language of what we film and produce for organizations big and small. WorkCabin Creative's difference is why leading conservation organizations choose WorkCabin Creative, Ontario, Canada's Conservation Media House.
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talking head videos

Why Talking Head Videos Are Boring

Let's dive headfirst into a topic that's as exciting as a PowerPoint presentation on the history of shoe laces: talking head videos!Talking head videos might as well be the poster child for the word...

Purpose-driven conservation filmmaking uses storytelling as a catalyst for change. Engaging narratives have the ability to transport viewers into unfamiliar worlds, sparking empathy and a desire to protect the natural wonders depicted on screen

Purpose-Driven Filmmaking: What Does It Mean?

Video and filmmaking for causes like conservation is always undergoing change. It's not that long ago when our minds swerved to think that a one-minute square-cropped video or vertical story short for Instagram were...

bird conservation in Canada

Purpose-Driven Photography Creates Conservation Impact

Perhaps smartphones or stock photos have lessened your organization's perceived need for professional conservation photography, but that's not the case everywhere. Conservation organizations are still hiring professional conservation photographers. The big difference is the...

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