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Long Point Biosphere Region film series

Canadian biosphere documentaries

Long Point Biosphere Region film series

In 2021 the Long Point Biosphere Region wanted to tell stories of amazing places in its vast ecologically rich region. The need was for a high quality signature film series professionally filmed and produced.

Over the span of seven months and hundreds of kilometres spent traversing across the region, WorkCabin Creative filmed and then produced an epic five-part cinematic series.

The result is a stunning visual journey of landscapes, wetlands, heritage, ecotourism and science research in the biosphere region.

The Long Point Biosphere Region is an area of global ecological significance that makes an ongoing commitment to the United Nations to strive for sustainability. Visitors and residents are inspired to coexist in harmony with nature.

It is located in Norfolk County, Ontario on the north shore of Lake Erie in the heart of Carolinian Canada.

Hosting more endangered species per-capita than the rest of Canada, it is home to the greatest number of plants and animals and the highest densities of wildlife in all of Canada.

Watch the entire five-part series below and enjoy the scenery

Gregg McLachlan
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