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Muskoka Waterfalls – A Short Mini Film

Conservation documentary filmmaking in Ontario Canada

Muskoka Waterfalls – A Short Mini Film

A couple of years ago I was hired to do filmmaking work for a nonprofit located in a region that has very special meaning to me. Actually, it’s a place that has always felt like home, no matter where I else I have lived. It’s a place where many days and nights were spent paddling a canoe, hearing the haunting calls of loons, and exploring vast untouched forests.

After finishing up the client work one day I had a few hours of daylight left and just enough time to head to a waterfall and rapids. It’s one of my favourite places. Ever. Whenever I would come here, there would rarely be another person. It was the kind of solitude my soul often craves. Only the sound of rushing water. And sometimes a raven overhead.

Most of the footage that I filmed that day is now part of footage bank. I felt so inspired though, that I put together some clips for this new 2023 mini film. Why? Because this is a wild place that produces so many emotions. I know I will keep returning and returning.

Gregg McLachlan
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