WorkCabin Creative specializes in a niche it knows well. Very well. Nature and conservation full-time filmmaking is what we do. We don't do weddings. We don't do real estate. And we're not video generalists. That's jargon for those videographers who literally make videos about anything and anyone who comes calling. WorkCabin Creative is about more. It's about having a genuine connection to conservation and our conservation clients. It's about walking the talk and knowing the language of what we do for, and with our conservation clients. Our difference is why leading conservation organizations choose u
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Podcast production

On-Demand Podcast Production Service. When You Need It. This service is about saving you hours of your time.
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Be heard. Sound professional.
We get it. Not everyone can produce audio
Podcasting is hugely popular today. Many conservation organizations are jumping onboard. But you can't get a great sounding radio-quality podcast by just hitting the record button and then uploading a file. Bad audio is the No. 1 reason why listeners abandon a podcast. Editing and sound design requires the help of an audio professional.
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DYK: We help edit and produce one of Canada’s top-rated nature podcasts

Get audio help
wherever you are

Complete online virtual service

Got good quality audio files recorded? Send us your raw audio files via online transfer. Then, we’ll do post-production work on your files and produce and create your podcast. We can usually deliver a professional produced podcast audio file to you via online transfer in seven business days or less. NOTE: If you prefer receiving both full podcast recording and production services, please contact us


We use pro
audio tools

Professional grade editing

Raw audio is exactly that: Raw. Audio editing can be complicated. Equalization. Compression. Normalization. De-essing. Plosive removal. The vocabulary is endless. No worries. We’ve got your back. We know our way around audio tools and we’ll make you sound professional and stand out. One of the biggest reasons that people abandon listening to podcasts is poor audio quality. Don’t let that be you.


Legal music
for podcasts

Make it sound pro!

No, you can’t just use any music you like for your podcast. WorkCabin Creative can add legal music and audio at no extra cost to your project. As a digital media agency with 10 years of experience, WorkCabin has commercial rights licences to professional audio libraries containing thousands of rights-cleared music tracks, and audio sounds.


Very affordable.

Simple online five-step process

Once we chat and get to know your requirements (ie. podcast length, single episode or series, anticipated number of audio files, music tracks, intros or extros, etc.) we’ll be able to quote you on the production cost of producing a show for you. All projects are pre-quoted and based on hourly work. All of our audio production is affordable and done inhouse at our Ontario-based office in the woods. We do not outsource any audio production. We can usually deliver produced files to you in seven business days or less.