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A story about heroes

Health care heroes

A story about heroes

People working in health care and support services are heroes. Especially during this pandemic. In late 2021, I took on a passion project to film and produce a story about one such special place. No, it’s not a place that works for wildlife and conservation, like my usual work. This is about a place that embodies the traits that make health care and support workers so heroic. They have a level of compassion, empathy, patience, and understanding that we can all learn from. That’s the takeaway I hope you get from this short film that I am so proud to have filmed and produced.

I have a brother and father in long term care. That’s a huge reason why I took on this passion project that is beyond my usual work. I see the compassion and caring. These stories need to be told.
This film is also an example of what I like to emphasize is my authentic and real approach to narrative filmmaking. There were no scripts, no storyboards, no dress rehearsals, and no actors. It was all filmed in a free flowing style over several hours. The result is a story that oozes naturalness and emotionally connects with the viewer.

Gregg McLachlan
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