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40km boat trip to reach filmmaking destination

Outdoors adventure filmmaker in Ontario Canada

40km boat trip to reach filmmaking destination

One of the adventurous parts of specializing in doing video work in the outdoors is often the destinations. The locations aren’t always accessible by car, canoe, or on foot.

For video work in September, WorkCabin Creative jumped aboard a boat to make the 40 kilometre trip to the tip of Long Point, Ontario to work with the Long Point Bird Observatory. The tip of Long Point is one of the last wild and remote wilderness locations remaining in southern Ontario. It’s also the home of a historic lighthouse and a bird banding and research station. Although some boaters make the cross-lake trip to walk at the tip at the lighthouse, the expanse of wilderness beyond the lighthouse is not open to the public. The land is home to many unique flora and fauna and is strictly protected by the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Getting to the tip for work is often a challenge. Weather and winds make for constantly shifting timetables for departures. A small window of calm weather can be followed by stormy days at the tip making leaving the station by boat too perilous.

WorkCabin Creative filmmaker Gregg McLachlan brought along a GoPro to record a short vlog about making the trip halfway across Lake Erie.

Watch his vlog Morning Commute below

Gregg McLachlan
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